The Coalition for the Protection of PEI Lands

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The Coalition for the Protection of PEI Land formed in an effort to raise awareness and find solutions about critically important land issues here on PEI.  We are a group of concerned islanders from a diverse range of backgrounds. We plan to work with government in order to tighten regulations and protect our land for all islanders, now and into the future. 

Since its inception our group has been meeting regularly and working diligently to raise awareness about how the Lands Protection Act has been manipulated to serve the interests of large corporations, while ignoring the spirit and intent behind the Act. Some of our activities have included: submitting letters to the editor in local papers, inviting IRAC representatives to do a presentation to our group, hosting a Land Grabbing Forum (200+ attended) and a well-attended Leader’s debate during the last election campaign.

Our first priority has been to focus on the problem of land grabbing, why it matters and how our government has been implicit in allowing and even enabling it to happen. Other important issues we will be working on include, soil degradation and regulations around protecting farmland and forests from the overuse of pesticides and nitrates. In all matters, we hope to expose problems and focus on solutions.